Change the world
through collaboration
driven by collective power

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The tools give you
unprecedented power
to drive change

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The platform is for
environmental, social
& system change

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Engagement between individuals,
governments, businesses,
ENGOs, NGO & Experts


This PROTOTYPE is for computers only. Mobile needs work. 

The change process involves joining your country's National Hub and engaging in Hub Ideas development. The best ideas can then become National SATT-G, SATT-B or Circles.  Contact us for Global ideas.  Profiles, as explained in the bottom section below add different kinds of engagement. Profiles, Climate Plans, Innovations, Communities of interest and other content all flow together in new ways to create a vibrant eco-system for collaboration.


Find your Personal Action Groups to start driving change


Create more
connections &
collaborate on
community change

Mitigation &
Transition Groups

Topic focused
engagement for Guides
and Explorers

@Work Chapter

Role or topic based
sustainability groups for
learning, sharing &
growing solutions


Find your Community Action Groups to start driving change

National Hub

Your country's home
base for connection,
ideation & shared
reusable knowledge

Circles Groups

Global, national or
local collaborations
on environmental
or social change


Invite a government
or business to the
table on a issue
raised in the Hubs